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Costa Rica CR Jaguar Honey Specialty

Not only is this a specialty coffee but parts of the profits go towards conservation of wild cats! Our Jaguar Honey coffee is processed using the most environmentally friendly processes possible and dried...

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for 1.0kg

Costa Rica Geisha Espiritu Santo Honey Specialty Microlot

We bring you this microlot specialty coffee from Costa Rica with beautiful soft floral notes, slightly fruity, sweet and very smooth.  great as a straight espresso and filter coffee Region-...


Costa Rica La Lapa

The northern region of Costa Rica's Central Valley produces coffees that are mild, sweet, and bright. This region produces the magnificent La Lapa bean at approximately 1500 metres above sea...

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for 1.045kg

Costa Rica RFA

Comparable to a good red, this rich strong coffee has a high acidity. Ideal as a straight origin or blend if necessary. Medium to dark roast with a medium to...

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for 1.0kg

Costa Rica Tarrazu

The Tarrazu region, which is located in the interior mountains of Costa Rica, produces a relatively heavy coffee with greater aromatic complexity. This bean is viewed as being among the...

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Dominican Republic

This coffee comes from a collection of a small holder farms which are characterised by shade-grown style- often coffee trees are shaded by a canopy of native pine, macademia or...

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El Salvador Bourbon

100% Bourbon with a superb rich aroma. El Salvador has a deep chocolate body with a residual sweetness. The light spicy acidity compliments the strong cocoa like finish.

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Ethiopian Guji Haro Lebetu Natural Grade 1 MicroLot Specialty

This Micorlot Ethiopian Guji comes from a 36 growers Co-Op and are laboriously hand sorted to remove under ripe cherries, then dried and sorted to meet the highest standards.   ...


Ethiopian Harrar

An excellent bean of high complexity, heavily fruited in a style akin to sweet jam preserves, with cinnamon and clove spiced flavours and aromas. This is a very lively coffee,...

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Ethiopian Limu

This bean is lively and bright, highly fragrant and deeply full of rich flavours. Sweet berry fruits combine with flowery flavours to create a floral jasmine aroma. A fine bean...

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for 1.0kg

Ethiopian Yirgachaffe

When you first meet the Yirgachaffe, you're greeted by a deeply complex, enticing, floral aroma. This Ethiopian coffee rolls over the tongue leaving a sweet spicy scent, hints of cinnamon...

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for 1.0kg

Fairtrade Ethiopian Sidamo

Washed Sidamos are high quality coffee with unique savoury flavours, pleasant citrus notes, milk chocolate, tea leaves, balanced, smooth soft body, delicate clean finish, smooth, tea like, sweet, floral, lemony,...

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for 1.02kg