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Rawandan Arabica

Rwandan Inzovu is produced by a group of 30 coffee members. They call themselves 'Urengerekawa' which means 'Let us protect coffee'. The farms are located in the South Western part...

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Sulawesia Toraja

Toraja is a low-acid, deep, intense and complex Sulawesi that stands alone as a fine single origin offering. This bean possesses the character of the tropical forest, combined with a...

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Tanzanian Arabica

Shade grown with banana palms. The Bourbon and Arusha varietals produce an exceptional cup of distinct African characteristics. Similar to a good Kenyan, but the bold sweet berry fruits set...

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Ugandan Bugisu

Grown in eastern Uganda in the rich soils of the Mt Elgon region, this coffee has a fuller body and lower acidity then its neighbouring regions . A very heavy...

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Ugandan Robusta

Special sorted washed robusta grown in south western Uganda.’ Kyagalanyi exporters have done wonders to boost an old and crumbling washing station to produce this coffee. After setting up a...

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Yemen Mocha Haimi, microlot coffee

This is a fine natural Yemen coffee from one of the oldest and most famous growing regions. Only 50 bags of this harvest have been shipped and we have got...


Zimbabwe Estate AAA

We are delighted to see Zimbabwe coffee making a comeback and snapped up a good stock of AAA and AA.  Smooth and elegant in plunger/pour over and Chemex. In blends,...

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