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Brazil Water Decaf

This bean is best suited as a base in decaf espresso blends. Clean neutral flavours, an excellent 'special purpose' blender.

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for 1.0kg

Colombian Organic Water Decaf

Fully Certified Rain Forest Alliance, organic water processed decaffeinated coffee with medium body and aromatic flavour. Suitable for medium to dark roasts.

From $18.50
for 1.0kg

Colombian Water Decaf

A high grown Arabica bean grown in Columbia and water processed decaffeinated coffee. It has a soft/medium body with good acidity, and is full of flavour. This is superior to...

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for 1.0kg

Fairtrade Peru Organic Decaf

This Fairtrade Organic Peruvian coffee is sourced through cooperatives. The coffee is grown at altitudes above 1250 metres and is predominantly a mix of Bourbon, Typica and Caturra varietals, although...

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for 1.0kg

Mexican Organic RFA Decaf

A select mix of 100% Mexican origin coffee beans. High quality robusta combined with select arabicas give a full bodied cup that is decaffeinated using only water as the solvent....

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for 1.0kg